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Pez Care Bears Gift Set - 1.74oz (49.3g)

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The Pez "Care Bears" Gift Set is a whimsical, colourful collection that brings back the nostalgic charm of the lovable Care Bears, combining it with the sweet pleasure of iconic Pez candies. The packaging is adorned with vibrant images of the cheerful Care Bears, radiating a sense of warmth and joy, reminiscent of the heartfelt and caring nature of these cherished characters. It’s a delightful blend of fun and sweetness, promising a walk down memory lane for those who adored the Care Bears and a joyful discovery for new fans, making it a splendid gift for candy lovers and Care Bears enthusiasts alike.

Within this enchanting set, collectors will find meticulously designed Pez dispensers featuring Cheer & Funshine Bear, and Share & Grumpy Bear. Each dispenser is a vivid representation of the respective Care Bear, capturing their unique personalities and the essence of caring and sharing that defines them. Accompanied by a selection of delicious Pez candies, this gift set delivers a burst of flavours, enhancing the overall experience. The Pez "Care Bears" Gift Set is more than just a candy collection; it’s a celebration of love, care, and the joy of giving, making it a cherished collectible and a sweet treat rolled into one.

includes six PEZ candy refills. 
* a set will be chosen at random unless specifically requested.

Imported from the USA.
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