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Espeez - Money Mints Roll 0.405oz (11.5g) - SINGLE

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Espeez Money Mints Rolls are not just your ordinary mints; they are an experience that marries flavor with whimsy. Designed to resemble iconic banknotes, these delightful treats are a playful nod to the idea of "minting money." Each roll unwraps to reveal mints that offer a burst of refreshing coolness, ensuring that both your taste buds and your sense of fun are equally engaged.

These mints have, over time, garnered a following of their own. Their quirky design is conversation-starting, making them perfect party favours, gifts, or simply a way to bring a little levity to everyday moments. The crisp, sharp peppermint flavour ensures that they're not just a visual treat, but a gustatory delight as well.

Beyond the novelty, Espeez Money Mints Rolls prioritize quality. Made with precision and care, each mint promises consistency in taste and freshness. Whether you're reaching for them after a meal or just looking for a midday pick-me-up, these mints guarantee a satisfying and minty-fresh experience.

Imported from the USA.

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