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Warheads Lil' Worms Theater Box - 3.5oz (99g)

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Warheads Lil' Worms Theater Box takes sour candy enjoyment to a new level, perfect for those who crave a tangy twist with their gummy treat. Packaged in a convenient theater-style box, it's an ideal treat for movie nights or sharing with friends. These gummy worms are not your regular sweet and squishy treats; they're infused with the signature Warheads sourness that makes one's face pucker with delight.

Each worm features a two-toned colour design, making them visually appealing, and offers a dual flavour experience in every bite. The contrast of the sour exterior and the slightly sweet gummy interior ensures that every mouthful is a delightful play of flavours and textures. For those who've loved the extreme sourness of Warheads since childhood, these Lil' Worms provide a nostalgic yet new way to experience that iconic tartness, combined with the fun and chewy texture of gummy worms. It's a must-try for sour candy enthusiasts.

Green Apple | Blue Raspberry | Black Cherry

Imported from the USA.
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