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Vidal Sour Belts Rainbow - SINGLE

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Vidal Sour Belts Rainbow are a captivating treat that marries vibrant aesthetics with a tangy punch. These strips of chewy candy are beautifully arrayed in a spectrum of colours, reminiscent of rainbows arching across a bright sky. Each colour hints at a different fruity flavour, ensuring that every bite is an exploration of varying tastes from sweet to sour.

The initial sweetness of these belts is quickly followed by a sour zing, creating a thrilling sensation for the taste buds. The chewy texture, combined with the blend of fruity flavours, makes for a delightful experience. Whether you're looking to treat yourself, share with friends, or brighten up a party, Vidal Sour Belts Rainbow promises a burst of colour and a jolt of flavour that's hard to resist. A true testament to the joy of candy, these sour belts invite you to unravel, chew, and indulge in their spirited charm.

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Country of Manufacture Spain
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