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Vidal Naturall Fruit & Veggie - 180g

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Dive into a delightful blend of nature’s best with Vidal's Naturall Fruit & Veggie gummies. Vidal, a brand acclaimed for its mastery in crafting delicious confections, has ventured into creating treats that harness the wholesome goodness of fruits and vegetables. These gummies are not just a testament to Vidal’s commitment to taste but also their dedication to incorporating more natural ingredients into their line-up.

The appearance of each gummy is a vibrant celebration of the fruits and vegetables they represent. From the deep purples of blueberries to the rich oranges of carrots, each piece is a visual treat that promises a burst of natural flavour. The texture, soft and chewy, complements the authentic taste, making it a joy to savour each bite.

But what truly sets Vidal Naturall Fruit & Veggie gummies apart is the flavour profile. Made with real fruit and vegetable juices, each gummy delivers a genuine taste experience that’s both sweet and nuanced. Whether you’re tasting the tang of citrus or the earthy notes of beetroot, it’s a flavour journey that showcases the best of what nature has to offer.

In an age where consumers are more conscious of ingredient lists and seeking healthier alternatives, Vidal’s Naturall Fruit & Veggie gummies offer a wonderful option. They are a sweet treat that you can enjoy with a little less guilt, knowing you’re indulging in flavours derived from natural sources. Perfect as a snack, a palate cleanser, or even a way to satiate a sweet craving, these gummies bring the orchard and garden right to your fingertips in the most delicious way possible.
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