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Tootsie Pop Drops Theatre Box - 3.5oz (99g)

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Tootsie Pop Drops are a delightful and bite-sized version of the classic Tootsie Pop lollipops. These candy drops encapsulate the iconic combination of a hard candy shell and a chewy, chocolatey Tootsie Roll center that has been enjoyed by candy lovers for generations.

Each Tootsie Pop Drop offers a burst of fruity flavour as you bite through the colourful hard candy shell, revealing the familiar Tootsie Roll core within. These bite-sized candies provide a convenient and portable way to enjoy the beloved Tootsie Pop experience without the need for a stick or the extended licking associated with the larger lollipops. Tootsie Pop Drops come in a variety of fruit flavours, making them a tasty and nostalgic treat for both kids and adults alike. Whether you savour them one at a time or pop a handful in your mouth, Tootsie Pop Drops are a fun and flavourful candy that brings the joy of Tootsie Pops in a convenient form.
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