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Tootsie Dots Watermelon Theatre Box - 6.5oz (184g)

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Tootsie Dots Watermelon Theatre Box brings a burst of summer flavor to the beloved Dots candy lineup. This special edition features the sweet, refreshing taste of watermelon in each chewy gumdrop, all packed into a convenient theater-style box that's perfect for sharing or enjoying during a movie. The bright, fruity flavor makes these Watermelon Dots a delightful treat for those who enjoy juicy, watermelon-inspired sweets.

Great for movie nights, picnics, or as a snack to brighten your day, the Watermelon Dots offer a fun and flavorful alternative to traditional candy options. The box design adds a touch of cinematic charm, making it easy to enjoy a handful of these chewy candies whether you're at the theater or curled up at home. For fans of Dots or anyone looking for a candy with a fresh, fruity twist, the Tootsie Dots Watermelon Theatre Box is a perfect choice to satisfy those sweet cravings with a splash of watermelon freshness.

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