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Slush Puppie Chewbies Teeniez - 55g

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Slush Puppie Chewbies Teeniez are a delightful concoction, representing a miniature burst of the iconic Slush Puppie experience. These candies embody the playful and spirited essence of Slush Puppie, wrapping it in a bite-sized format that's perfect for those who enjoy a chewy, flavourful treat on the go. The packaging is colourful and lively, featuring the recognizable Slush Puppie mascot, enticing candy lovers to dive into the world of vibrant flavours and cheerful enjoyment encapsulated within each piece.

The Chewbies Teeniez offer a delectable texture that’s both chewy and satisfying, giving a mouthful of flavour with every bite. The multifarious flavours inside are a harmonious blend of sweetness and zest, reminiscent of the frozen delights that have been cherished for generations. Whether you’re a long-time aficionado of Slush Puppie beverages or a newcomer eager to explore a spectrum of flavours, the Slush Puppie Chewbies Teeniez provide a compact and convenient way to relish in the nostalgic and exhilarating essence of the much-loved Slush Puppie experience.
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