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Powerbears Tetris Gummies - 125g

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Powerbears Tetris Gummies are a colourful and playful candy inspired by the legendary video game, Tetris. Just like the iconic Tetriminos, these gummies come in a variety of shapes and bright colours, making them a delightful and nostalgic treat for fans of the game and candy enthusiasts.

Each gummy offers a burst of fruity flavours that will tantalize your taste buds. The assortment of colours and flavours provides a fun and exciting snacking experience, reminiscent of arranging Tetriminos to clear lines in the game.

Powerbears Tetris Gummies are a fantastic way to bring the joy of gaming into your candy collection. Whether you're indulging in them while playing Tetris or simply looking for a unique and delicious candy to enjoy, these gummies are a perfect choice. Share them with friends, add a colourful touch to your candy dish, or keep them on hand for a fun and flavourful treat whenever you need a little taste of nostalgia.
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