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Mentos Fruit Chewy - 135g

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Mentos Fruit Chewy is a popular and delicious candy known for its soft, chewy texture and a variety of bright, fruity flavours. This candy assortment typically includes a mix of flavours such as strawberry, orange, lemon, and sometimes more exotic fruits like apple and watermelon. Each piece is packed with a burst of fruitiness, providing a sweet and tangy taste that's both refreshing and satisfying.

Ideal for those who enjoy fruit-flavoured candies with a pleasant chewy texture, Mentos Fruit Chewy is great for snacking, sharing, or as a refreshing treat. The variety of flavours in each pack ensures a delightful and diverse taste experience with every piece. The chewy texture and vibrant fruit flavours make Mentos Fruit Chewy a popular choice for people of all ages looking for a tasty, fruit-inspired candy.
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