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Laffy Taffy Grape Mini Bar - 10g

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Laffy Taffy Grape Mini Bar is a pocket-sized delight that bursts with the classic flavour of sweet grapes. This stretchy, chewy candy is not only known for its vibrant taste but also for the playful jokes printed on the wrapper, ensuring both your taste buds and sense of humour are catered to. The grape variant offers a rich, fruity taste that transports you straight to a vineyard with sun-ripened grapes.

The texture of Laffy Taffy is unmistakably unique: soft yet resilient, allowing for a prolonged flavourful chew. Its mini size makes it perfect for a quick treat on the go or for sharing with friends and family. With its combination of delightful grape flavour, chewy consistency, and light-hearted jokes, the Laffy Taffy Grape Mini Bar ensures each bite is filled with fun and flavour, making it a favourite among candy enthusiasts of all ages.

Imported from the USA.

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