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Cosmic Dust Constellation Cherry Popping Candy - 0.35oz (10g)

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Cosmic Dust Constellation Cherry Popping Candy, launching in 2024, introduces a stellar blend of cherry flavor with the exhilarating sensation of popping candy. This new offering aims to transport candy enthusiasts to the stars, combining the tangy, sweet taste of cherries with the cosmic fun of candy that literally pops in your mouth. Each packet is filled with tiny bursts of cherry-flavored candy that crackle and pop, creating a sensory experience that's both delicious and entertaining.

Designed for those who love the vibrant taste of cherry and the playful experience of popping candy, Cosmic Dust Constellation Cherry is perfect for adding a burst of flavor and fun to any moment. It's an ideal treat for sharing with friends, enjoying at parties, or simply indulging in a bit of cosmic delight on your own. As part of the exciting new lineup for 2024, Constellation Cherry stands out with its bold flavor and out-of-this-world concept, promising to be a hit among both kids and adults looking for a unique candy experience.

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