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Chupa Chups Mini Crawlers - 90g

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Chupa Chups Mini Crawlers are a tantalizing treat that wriggles its way into the heart of candy lovers everywhere. These diminutive gummy worms burst forth with vibrant colors and are infused with a myriad of tangy and sweet flavors, ensuring a playful dance on the taste buds with every chew. The chewy texture combined with the zesty taste creates an experience that is both delightful and unforgettable.

Presented in a lively and compact package, these Mini Crawlers are an ideal choice for those seeking a pop of fun and zest in their day. Whether you're venturing on a road trip, hosting a gathering, or simply taking a moment to indulge, Chupa Chups Mini Crawlers offer a world of flavour in a wonderfully wiggly form.
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