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Barratt Black Jack Chew - 5g [UK]

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Barratt's Black Jack Chews are a classic British candy that has been enjoyed for decades. These chewy candies are individually wrapped and are known for their distinct aniseed flavour and black colour, both of which are relatively unique in the candy world. They’re often associated with nostalgic memories of childhood for many people in the UK and other areas where they're sold.

These small, rectangular chews are renowned for temporarily staining the tongue a dark colour due to the black colouring of the candy, which is part of the fun experience of enjoying them. They are often found alongside another classic Barratt's candy, Fruit Salad Chews, and for many, these two sweets together encapsulate a nostalgic and flavourful trip down memory lane. Black Jacks are not only celebrated for their unique flavour but also for their ability to transport individuals back to simpler times, proving that certain flavours and foods are timeless in their appeal.
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