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Alberts - The Flintstones Fruit Chews x 10

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Take a delightful trip back to the Stone Age with Alberts' The Flintstones Fruit Chews! These delicious candies are a sweet homage to the classic Flintstones characters we all know and love. Packed with fruity flavors, each chew is a delectable journey into the vibrant world of Bedrock.

Inspired by Fred, Wilma, Barney, and the gang, these fruit chews come in various colours, making them a perfect treat for theme parties or simply reminiscing about Saturday morning cartoons. Not only do they offer a burst of flavour with each bite, but the playful Flintstones-themed packaging makes them an ideal gift for fans of the iconic show. Yabba-Dabba-Doo your way to a flavourful treat with these irresistible chews!
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