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Albert's Jungle Jollies Blue Raspberry - 0.28oz (8g)

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Albert's Frunas Jungle Jollies in Blue Raspberry flavour are a tantalizing treat that takes your taste buds on a whirlwind adventure of sweet and tangy sensations. Packaged in vibrant blue, these individual candy squares beckon with the promise of a fruity escapade.

The moment you unwrap one, the bright blue hue hints at the explosive blue raspberry flavour contained within. Taking a bite, you're immediately met with a potent wave of tangy blue raspberry that dances on the palate, all encapsulated in a delightfully chewy texture. For many, these candies evoke memories of childhood, perhaps reminiscent of times spent at corner candy stores or sharing treats with friends. For the uninitiated, Albert's Frunas Jungle Jollies in Blue Raspberry are a delightful introduction to a world of fruity pleasure. Whether seeking a nostalgic treat or a new favourite, these little morsels are bound to captivate with every chew.

Please Note: Listing is for 1 single Jungle Jollie chew.

Imported from the USA.
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Country of Manufacture Colombia
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