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Rich's Chocolates - Milk Chocolate Maple Creams - 200g

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Milk Chocolate Maple Creams are scrumptious sweets, providing a delightful melding of rich, smooth milk chocolate and a sweet, sumptuous maple cream filling. These elegant candies encapsulate the essence of the delectable maple flavour, surrounded by a shell of creamy milk chocolate, offering a sweet and slightly earthy flavour profile to those who indulge.

Typically enjoyed during various occasions and celebrations, these treats make a lovely gift or can serve as a wonderful personal indulgence. Their smooth, creamy texture, combined with the contrasting and complementary flavours of luxurious chocolate and wholesome maple, create a perfect bite-sized delight, harmoniously combining two favourite flavours into a single, delicious treat. This decadent candy is a beloved choice for both chocolate and maple enthusiasts, often sought after for its classic yet uniquely delightful flavour combination.

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