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That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Blue Raspberry - 0.70oz (20g)

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That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Blue Raspberry is a novel and playful candy concept, designed to bring fun and excitement to the candy-eating experience. This unique treat consists of a novelty syringe filled with blue raspberry flavoured sour liquid candy. The syringe design adds an interactive element to the candy, as consumers can 'inject' the sour liquid into their mouths. The blue raspberry flavour is a popular choice in confections, known for its bright, fruity taste combined with a tangy sourness that appeals to those who enjoy a zesty kick in their sweets.

The sour liquid candy within the syringe is vibrant in both colour and flavour. The sharpness of the sourness is perfectly balanced with the sweet and fruity undertones of blue raspberry, making it an exciting treat for those with a penchant for sour candies. That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Blue Raspberry is especially popular among children and teenagers due to its unique packaging and the interactive way of consuming the candy. It's a fun addition to parties, events, or as a quirky treat for those who enjoy trying unusual and distinctive candy formats.

Imported from the USA.
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