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Tango Sour Blast Balls - 21g

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Tango Sour Blast Balls are vibrant and tangy candies that pack quite the punch for anyone seeking a sour treat. Originating from the UK and associated with the Tango soft drink brand, these confections have rapidly gained a reputation for their intense sour kick. The name 'Blast Balls' truly fits the bill because the moment one of these hits your tongue, you're greeted with a blast of sour flavor that eventually gives way to a sweeter, fruity core.

The candy's outer layer is where the sour magic happens, while the inner core delivers a fruitier taste, providing a delightful contrast and ensuring that the sour experience isn't overwhelming. The array of flavours, often reminiscent of Tango's popular soft drink varieties, only adds to the fun of consuming these candies. Whether you're challenging friends to see who can handle the sourness or you're just a fan of tangy treats, Tango Sour Blast Balls deliver a memorable experience for your taste buds.

Tango flavours including Orange, Cherry, Apple and Blue Raspberry!

Product of the UK.
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Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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