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Tango Popping Candy - 2g

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Tango Popping Candy is a symphony of sensations in every bite. Inspired by the passionate dance of the tango, this candy captures the essence of surprise, intensity, and delight. Each crystal bursts with vibrant flavors, ensuring an unexpected pop of pleasure that engages all your senses.

The meticulous blend of ingredients ensures that every packet promises an authentic popping experience. The candy fizzes and crackles, mimicking the swift footwork and abrupt stops of a traditional tango dance. The experience is not just taste, but also auditory and tactile, making it a multisensory treat.

Beautifully packaged and designed with a nod to the classic dance form, Tango Popping Candy is a perfect treat for those who appreciate a playful twist to their confections. Whether shared among friends, enjoyed solo, or given as a unique gift, this candy is a delightful celebration of zest, rhythm, and the unexpected.

Orange, apple and cherry.  The popping is LOUD and the flavour is deliciously intense.
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