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Super Mario Bros Candy Spray - 25ml

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Leap into a world of vibrant tastes with the Super Mario Bros Movie candy spray. Taking inspiration from the legendary gaming saga and its cinematic interpretation, this candy spray offers an interactive and delightful experience reminiscent of the power-ups and bonus items that Mario and Luigi chase down in their adventures.

Each flavour of the spray takes you on a different quest. The raspberry variant zings with the tartness of wild berries, invoking memories of Mario's exhilarating races against time. The strawberry offers a sweeter escape, reminiscent of those moments when our heroes jump to hit the surprise blocks, unveiling hidden coins. Meanwhile, the apple flavour packs a crisp and tangy punch, much like the challenges faced when dodging adversaries like Goombas and Koopa Troopas.

But the excitement doesn’t just reside in the flavours. The packaging, adorned with iconic imagery from the Super Mario Bros Movie, enhances the overall experience. From Mario's trademark red cap to Luigi's green ensemble and memorable scenes from their on-screen adventure, the design is sure to induce a wave of nostalgia. Whether you're out to relive some childhood memories or introduce the magic of Mario to a new generation, this candy spray promises a thrilling journey across the taste terrains of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario - Raspberry flavour
Peach - Strawberry flavour
Luigi - Apple flavour

*A design/flavour will be chosen at random, if you wish to get a specific design, please leave a comment*

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