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Pez Space Jam Gift Set - 1.74oz (49.3g)

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The Pez Space Jam Gift Set is a harmonious blend of nostalgia and sweet indulgence, offering fans of the iconic “Space Jam” movie a taste of candy nostalgia with a playful twist. This set stands as a tribute to the movie, which melded the worlds of animation and basketball, featuring the legendary Michael Jordan alongside the timeless Looney Tunes characters. The vibrant and lively packaging of the gift set is adorned with imagery from “Space Jam,” making it not only a source of sweet treats but also a collectible item for fans of the film.

Within this intriguing set, enthusiasts will find a variety of Pez dispensers, each meticulously designed to represent different characters from “Space Jam,” capturing their essence in a fun and tangible form. These dispensers are filled with an assortment of flavourful Pez candies, allowing fans to relish the sweet and fruity tastes while reminiscing about the iconic film. The Pez Space Jam Gift Set serves as a versatile and entertaining gift, perfectly suited for fans of the film, sports enthusiasts, or those who enjoy a blend of cinematic history and candy delights, ensuring a journey through sweet flavours and cherished movie memories.

Space Jam PEZ Collection - From Space Jam: A New Legacy comes a Gift Set featuring Bugs Bunny & LeBron James PEZ Dispensers packaged in a gift box.
PEZ Candy Refills Included - Each Space Jam: A New Legacy PEZ Gift Set includes six PEZ candy refills. 

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