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Pez PEZimals Blister Pack - 0.87oz (24.7g)

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The Pez PEZimals Blister Pack offers a whimsical and delightful experience for candy enthusiasts and collectors alike. It typically includes a variety of animal-themed PEZ dispensers, such as ones resembling playful and colourful creatures from the animal kingdom. Each dispenser in the pack comes with several PEZ candy refills, allowing users to load and dispense the candies from the mouth of their chosen PEZimal.

The candies themselves are renowned for their sweet and tangy flavours, providing a burst of fruity essence with every bite. This blister pack is not only a hit among kids who are drawn to the animated and lively designs of the PEZimals but also among adults who have a nostalgia for the iconic PEZ dispensers and candies. Whether you are a collector looking to add unique PEZ designs to your collection or seeking a playful candy experience, the PEZimals Blister Pack offers a combination of fun and flavour.

*a design will be chosen at random unless requested
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