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Pez Hello Kitty Gift Set - 1.74oz (49.3g)

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The Pez Hello Kitty Gift Set is a charming assembly of nostalgia and sweetness, tailor-made for fans of the beloved, iconic character, Hello Kitty. This set embodies the whimsical and delightful spirit of Hello Kitty, merging the playful essence of the character with the timeless enjoyment found in Pez candies. The packaging radiates with the characteristic cuteness associated with Hello Kitty, featuring vibrant colours and adorable illustrations, making it an attractive collectible for enthusiasts of all ages.

Within this enchanting set, collectors will discover an assortment of Pez dispensers adorned with intricately designed Hello Kitty motifs, each one echoing the innocent and joyful nature of the world-renowned character. Accompanying the delightful dispensers is a selection of assorted Pez candies, offering a cascade of flavours that resonate with the playful essence of Hello Kitty. The Pez Hello Kitty Gift Set is not just a container of candies; it is a harmonious blend of sweetness and adoration, a perfect gift for those who cherish the endearing appeal of Hello Kitty and the lasting joy of flavourful Pez candies.

Hello Kitty PEZ Collection - From Hello Kitty comes a Gift Set featuring Hello Kitty & Hello Puppy PEZ Dispensers packaged in a gift box.
PEZ Candy Refills Included - Each Hello Kitty PEZ Gift Set includes six PEZ candy refills. 

Imported from the USA.
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Country of Manufacture United States
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