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PEZ Disney Jr Blister Pack - 0.87oz (24.7g)

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The PEZ Disney Jr Blister Pack encapsulates the joy and whimsy of Disney Jr, enveloping it into a delightful confectionery experience. This enticing pack showcases a series of iconic Disney Jr characters as the charming dispensers, striking a chord with the young fans. Characters like Mickey Mouse and friends come to life, providing a sense of nostalgia and animation, which makes the pack visually appealing and amusing. Each dispenser in the pack is meticulously designed, ensuring a detailed and accurate depiction of the beloved characters, igniting the imagination of the little ones.

Beyond the vibrant dispensers, the blister pack is teeming with flavourful PEZ candies, known for their distinct sweetness and rich variety of flavours. These candies deliver a satisfying taste experience, making them an enduring favourite among candy aficionados of all ages. The PEZ Disney Jr Blister Pack serves as an ideal gift for the young and the young at heart, a delightful snack for those with a sweet tooth, and a collectible for those who cherish Disney memorabilia. The combination of imaginative design and tasty candies provides a multifaceted experience, celebrating the enchanting world of Disney Jr in a colourful and flavourful way.

Please Note: A character will be chosen for you at random. If you would like to order a specific character, please let us know in the order comments and we will fulfil your request where possible. If your chosen character is not available, we will get in contact with you to offer an alternative solution.

Imported from the USA.

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