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Pez Care Bears Blister Pack - 0.87oz (24.7g)

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The Pez Care Bears Blister Pack is an enchanting collection that brings together the delightful world of Care Bears and the timeless joy of PEZ candies. Each pack usually features unique, vividly designed PEZ dispensers adorned with the cheerful faces of popular Care Bears like Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear. Accompanied by multiple PEZ candy refills, the pack delivers a combination of nostalgic charm and delicious flavours.

The charming designs and colourful aesthetics make this blister pack a favourite among both collectors and fans of Care Bears, appealing to individuals who adore the cheerful and caring nature of these beloved characters. This blister pack serves as a sweet, playful treat that, besides offering delightful flavours, provides a dose of nostalgia and joy through the adorable and iconic representations of the Care Bears.

*a design will be chosen at random unless requested.
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