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Pez Black Panther Gift Set - 1.74oz (49.3g)

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The Pez Black Panther Gift Set is a magnificent homage to the iconic Marvel superhero, Black Panther, a character that has had profound impact and holds great significance in popular culture. This exclusive gift set is a treasure trove for Marvel aficionados and enthusiasts of the Black Panther legacy, encapsulating the majestic and heroic essence of the character. The packaging is thoughtfully designed with rich, vivid colours and dynamic illustrations, providing a powerful visual representation of the Black Panther's world and underscoring the importance and influence of the character.

Within this illustrious set, fans are treated to a collection of specially crafted Pez dispensers, each one meticulously detailed to depict the distinct features of Black Panther and associated characters, creating a sense of connection and reverence to the heroic world of Wakanda. Accompanying these collectible dispensers is an assortment of flavourful Pez candies, adding a layer of sweet enjoyment to the aesthetic appeal. The combination of iconic, collectible dispensers and delectable candies makes the Pez Black Panther Gift Set a sought-after item for fans, serving as a sweet reminder of the enduring legacy and the inspirational values embodied by the Black Panther.

The Marvel: Black Panther PEZ Collection - From Marvel: Black Panther comes a Gift Set featuring Black Panther & Shuri PEZ Dispensers packaged in a gift box.
PEZ Candy Refills Included - Each Marvel: Black Panther PEZ Gift Set includes six PEZ candy refills. 

Imported from the USA.
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