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Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Crest Tin w/ Jelly Beans - (28g)

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The Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Crest Tin marries the magical world of Harry Potter with the delightful sweetness of Jelly Belly's famed jelly beans. Hailing from Ravenclaw, the house renowned for its wisdom, wit, and pursuit of knowledge, this tin pays homage to the intelligent and creative Ravenclaw students. The tin's design is gracefully adorned with the Ravenclaw eagle, representing the house's deep appreciation for intelligence and wisdom.

Nestled inside this intricately detailed tin are Jelly Belly's iconic jelly beans, each one a small masterpiece of flavour precision. As you relish these sweet gems, every bean unfolds a taste sensation, ensuring a delightful, wizardry-inspired adventure for your taste buds. The juxtaposition of the rich lore of Harry Potter with the joyous world of sweets makes this tin an extraordinary treat for both fans and gourmet candy enthusiasts alike. Once the delectable beans have been savoured, the tin stands as a keepsake, perfect for Harry Potter aficionados to treasure. The Ravenclaw House Crest Tin is more than just candy; it's an immersion into the captivating universe J.K. Rowling created, making it a spellbinding gift for any occasion.

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