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Friday The 13th Jason Mask Cherry Sours Tin - 1.2oz (34g)

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For the fans of horror and confectionery alike, the Friday The 13th Jason Mask Cherry Sours Tin offers a thrilling experience. Channeling the eerie aura of the legendary horror franchise, this tin is designed to resemble the iconic mask worn by Jason Voorhees, the central antagonist of the series. But don't be too alarmed, for within this chilling exterior lies a delightful treat.

Inside the tin are cherry sours, contrasting the sinister exterior with a burst of tangy sweetness. Each candy delivers a sharp cherry zing, taking the adventurous eater from the suspenseful world of Camp Crystal Lake to a realm of sour cherry delight. Whether you're a horror aficionado or just in for a unique treat, this tin is sure to provide both a visual and gustatory thrill.

Imported from the USA.
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