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Face Twisters Sour Tongue Slime Blue Raspberry - 1.4oz (40g)

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Sour Tongue Slime Blue Raspberry
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Face Twisters Sour Tongue Slime Blue Raspberry combines the wildly popular flavor of blue raspberry with an innovative and amusing delivery system: a novelty squeeze dispenser designed to resemble a tongue. This product offers a playful and interactive candy experience, perfect for fans of the sweet and tart taste profile that blue raspberry is known for, along with a significant sour punch.

The blue raspberry-flavored sour slime provides a vibrant burst of tartness followed by a sweet, fruity finish, encapsulating the essence of the blue raspberry flavor in a fun, gooey form. The tongue-shaped dispenser adds an element of whimsy to the candy-eating process, allowing users to squeeze the sour slime directly onto their tongues, enhancing the flavor experience with a touch of playfulness. Face Twisters Sour Tongue Slime Blue Raspberry is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy sour candies and are looking for a unique and entertaining way to indulge in the distinctive taste of blue raspberry. Whether as a treat to enjoy on your own or as a novel addition to a party or gathering, this sour candy slime promises a memorable and enjoyable snacking adventure.

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