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Espeez - Rock Candy on a Stick - Root Beer (Brown) - SINGLE 0.8oz (22g)

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Get ready to enjoy the nostalgic flavour of root beer in a whole new way with Espeez Root Beer Rock Candy on a Stick. These crystalline delights offer a unique and fun twist on the classic root beer experience, all on a convenient stick.

Each Espeez Root Beer Rock Candy stick is like a taste journey to a soda shop of yesteryears. The crystallized root beer flavour is infused into every crystal, delivering that familiar root beer taste in a playful and exciting form. It's like enjoying a fizzy root beer float in candy form! Whether you're a root beer enthusiast or just looking for a sweet and enjoyable treat, these rock candy sticks promise a flavourful adventure that's as delightful as sipping on a frosty mug of root beer. So, take a lick, let the flavour dance on your tongue, and let your taste buds celebrate like they're at a nostalgic soda fountain!

This listing is for one single Rock Candy on a Stick in root beer flavour. Each Rock Candy on a Stick is 7 inches long, and weighs 22g.

Imported from the USA.

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Country of Manufacture South Africa
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