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Vidal Mega Zoom Watermelon Lolly - 32g

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with the delightful Vidal Mega Zoom Watermelon Lollipop, where the juicy and refreshing flavor of watermelon is captured in a lickable, candy form. This lollipop is a flavorful journey that promises a burst of watermelon bliss with every lick.

Each Vidal Mega Zoom Watermelon Lollipop offers a mouth-watering combination of sweet and tangy notes, perfectly mimicking the taste of ripe, summer-fresh watermelons. Whether you're enjoying it as a sweet treat, savouring it on a sunny day, or simply in the mood for some fruity indulgence, this lollipop is a delightful way to experience the joy of watermelon without the need for slicing and spitting out seeds. So, unwrap one, take a lick, and let the Mega Zoom Watermelon Lollipop transport you to a world of candy-coated watermelon heaven with each delicious lick!
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Country of Manufacture Spain
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