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Gerrit Twin Cherry Lollipop - .48oz (13.5g)

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Gerrit Twin Cherry Lollipop is a delightful candy that pays homage to the timeless and cherished flavour of cherries. Designed with twin cherries on a single stick, this lollipop not only offers a rich burst of fruity flavour but also an endearing aesthetic that evokes memories of summer orchards, where cherries hang ripe and glistening in pairs.

The candy is beautifully crafted to resemble two cherries, ensuring a visual treat that's as compelling as its taste. Each bite into the lollipop brings forth a sweet and slightly tart flavour, capturing the essence of real cherries. The sturdy stick ensures a mess-free experience, making it perfect for enjoying on the go or during moments of relaxation. For those with a penchant for fruity candies that marry taste with presentation, the Gerrit Twin Cherry Lollipop is an undeniable treat, offering a dual delight in every lick.

Imported from the USA.
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