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Dum-Dums Lollipop - Sour Apple

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Dum-Dums Sour Apple Lollipop is a delightful confection from the renowned Dum-Dums collection, adding a zesty twist to the brand's assortment of classic flavours. These lollipops, small in stature but mighty in flavour, have been a favourite treat for generations, and the sour apple variety promises a tangy adventure that dances on the palate.

With its vibrant green wrapper, the Sour Apple Lollipop is instantly recognizable. Upon unwrapping, the bright hue of the lollipop tempts taste buds with promises of tartness. As you indulge, the initial sweetness is quickly accompanied by a puckering sour apple tang that is both invigorating and delightful. The perfect balance ensures that the sour notes enhance rather than overpower, providing a taste sensation that is refreshingly crisp and delectably sweet in equal measure. Perfect for those seeking a quick flavour thrill, the Dum-Dums Sour Apple Lollipop is a pocket-sized treat that delivers a burst of fruity excitement with every lick.

Imported from the USA.      

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