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Chupa Chups White Choco Bar - 20g (EU)

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The Chupa Chups White Choco Bar, featuring Mini-confetti filled with milk chocolate, is a wonderfully crafted confection that combines the luxurious creaminess of white chocolate with the delightful surprise of milk chocolate-filled mini-confetti. This chocolate bar is characterized by a rich white chocolate exterior, known for its velvety texture and a sweet, luscious taste that white chocolate lovers particularly enjoy. The smoothness of the white chocolate beautifully complements the surprise elements within the bar.

The mini-confetti pieces embedded in the white chocolate are small, colourful, and filled with milk chocolate, offering little bursts of chocolatey goodness in each bite. These milk chocolate-filled mini-confetti not only add a visual appeal to the bar with their colourful appearance but also provide a contrasting texture and flavour. The combination of the creamy white chocolate and the rich milk chocolate centres of the mini-confetti creates a delightful multi-layered chocolate experience. The Chupa Chups White Choco Bar with milk chocolate-filled mini-confetti is perfect for those who relish the combination of different types of chocolate and enjoy the added element of surprise in their confectionery choices.

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