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Chupa Chups Choco Daisy Crema Biscotti Bar - 32g (EU)

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The Chupa Chups Choco Daisy Crema Biscotti is a delightful confection that features two chocolate cups, each meticulously shaped into a charming daisy. These cups are generously filled with a luscious milk creme, which is smooth and creamy, providing a delicate and velvety texture. The milk creme is further enhanced by the inclusion of biscotti pieces, adding a subtle crunch and a hint of nutty, toasted flavour that complements the cream's richness.

Each of these daisy-shaped cups is then coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate, which adds a layer of sweetness and depth to the overall flavour profile. The milk chocolate coating is smooth and rich, perfectly encasing the creamy filling and biscotti pieces. This combination of textures – the crispness of the biscotti, the smoothness of the milk creme, and the richness of the milk chocolate – creates a harmonious and indulgent tasting experience. Chupa Chups Choco Daisy Crema Biscotti is an ideal choice for those who enjoy the blend of creamy and crunchy textures in their chocolates, offering a unique and enjoyable twist on traditional chocolate treats.

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