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Pick N Mix Pouch - Classic Mix - 500g

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Introducing our timeless Classic Pick and Mix Pouch, a nostalgic assortment of sweets that will take you on a delicious trip down memory lane. Bursting with iconic flavours and beloved treats, this pouch is the perfect companion for those seeking a taste of traditional confectioneries and a touch of sweet nostalgia.

Our Classic Pick and Mix Pouch pays homage to the confectioneries that have stood the test of time, providing a delightful assortment of traditional sweets that never go out of style. Whether you're treating yourself or seeking a nostalgic gift for a loved one, this pouch is a delightful journey back to the flavours of yesteryear. Indulge in the classic charm and timeless taste of our Classic Pick and Mix Pouch and let the nostalgia sweep you away with every delectable treat.

This Pouch Includes:

- Fizzy Dummies
- Teeth & Lips
- Yellow Bellies
- Rainbow Bites
- Tutti Frutti Bottles
- Friendship Rings
- Cola Bottles 
- Chocolate Pandas
- Pink & White Mice.


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