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Vidal Blood Balls Bubble Gum - SINGLE

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Enter the spooktacular world of candy with Vidal's Blood Balls. This eerily enticing treat encapsulates the thrill of the supernatural in a sweet, chewable form. Each ball is a careful concoction of flavors and textures, promising a surprise with every bite, making them an ideal treat to send shivers down one's spine during Halloween festivities.

Upon first glance, the Blood Balls appear harmless, with their smooth, glossy exterior. However, much like the mysteries of a haunted mansion, there's more than meets the eye. Once bitten into, they release a juicy burst that's both tangy and sweet, akin to the mythical essence of a vampire's favourite beverage. This sensation of unexpected liquid adds a layer of excitement and mischief to the candy-consuming experience.

As Halloween looms, Vidal's Blood Balls become the sought-after commodity for trick-or-treaters and party hosts alike. Their uncanny ability to merge horror-themed fun with delightful taste ensures they are a hit across all age groups. Whether you're looking to add a touch of eeriness to your candy bowl or hoping to give your friends a playful scare, Blood Balls promise a bite of haunted delight that will make your Halloween celebration spookily sweet.

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