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Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Kiwi Watermelon Gum Bottle Sugar Free 3.24oz (92g)

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Ice Breakers Ice Cubes will breakthrough the dull day-to-day with the delicious refreshment and dazzling flavour crystals that only Ice Breakers Ice Cubes can offer! Experience the powerfully refreshing and smooth sensation of Ice Breakers Ice Cubes, for a mouth freshening experience that lasts on and on, and best of all; they're sugar free! These intense cube-shaped pieces of gum will take your taste buds on a refreshing fruity rollercoaster with flavours of Kiwi and Watermelon. Served up in this convenient flip-top bottle that fits right in your favourite cup holder, so you can always enjoy these unique pieces of gum, no matter where you are! 40 pieces per container.

Imported from the USA.
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Country of Manufacture United States
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