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Face Twisters Sour Bubble Gum Straws Strawberry - 2oz (56g)

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Face Twisters Sour Bubble Gum Straws in Strawberry flavour are a tantalizing journey for the palate, striking the perfect balance between tangy sourness and the classic sweetness of ripe strawberries. These bubble gum straws aren't just your typical candy; they redefine the gum experience by adding a layer of thrilling sourness to the mix.

Dressed in a vivacious shade of red, reminiscent of sun-ripened strawberries, each straw promises an intense flavour ride. As you take the first bite, a surge of sourness immediately envelopes your taste buds, making your lips pucker and eyes water. But just as quickly as it hit, the sour wave recedes, revealing a luscious strawberry sweetness. The fresh taste of strawberries, combined with the gum's chewy texture, ensures a sustained flavour sensation with every chew. Face Twisters Sour Bubble Gum Straws in Strawberry are perfect for those who like to play with their food and experience contrasting flavours. They are an entertaining treat to share at parties or to enjoy during a solo treat session, promising a delightful sour-sweet escapade with every piece.

Imported from the USA.
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