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Face Twisters Sour Bubble Gum Straws Green Apple - 2oz (56g)

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Face Twisters Sour Bubble Gum Straws in Green Apple flavour present a delightful twist on the traditional bubble gum experience. These straws are a tribute to those who love both the sour zing and the sweetness that follows, seamlessly blended into a chewy gum texture.

Each straw boasts a vibrant green hue, indicative of the classic green apple flavour they embody. Upon first bite, there's an immediate burst of sourness, causing the usual facial puckering one would expect from a product with such a name. But as the intensity of the sourness subsides, it gives way to a sweet and juicy green apple taste, reminiscent of biting into a fresh apple on a sunny day. The gum's chewy texture complements the flavour roller coaster, making the experience both long-lasting and engaging. Whether you're looking for a quick flavour-packed snack, or want to challenge your taste buds, Face Twisters Sour Bubble Gum Straws in Green Apple offer a fun and flavourful treat that's hard to resist. Ideal for both solo indulgence and sharing with friends, this gum ensures an unforgettable sour and sweet adventure.

Imported from the USA.
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