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Face Twisters Big Stik Sour Bubble Gum - Strawberry - 2.1 oz (62g)

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Face Twisters Big Stik Sour Bubble Gum in Strawberry is a playful concoction that promises an adventure for the taste buds. As the name suggests, this bubble gum doesn't just deliver the sweet and fruity notes of strawberries, but also packs a sour punch that's bound to twist your face into an amusing expression of surprise and delight.

The gum's vibrant pink hue hints at the bold strawberry flavour waiting within. Each chew releases an intense burst of strawberry sweetness, soon followed by a tangy kick that makes the experience all the more exhilarating. Beyond the taste, the gum also offers a satisfyingly soft and chewy texture, perfect for blowing impressive bubbles. Face Twisters Big Stik is not just a piece of gum but an experience – one that challenges the adventurous to see how long they can handle the sour before the sweetness takes over. Whether you're a fan of sour treats or simply looking for a fun and flavourful chew, this gum is bound to entertain and satisfy.

Face Twisters Big Stik is a 22″ long hollow rope of sour strawberry coated sour bubble gum.

Imported from the USA.
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