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Big Babol Tutti Fruity - 132g

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Big Babol Tutti Fruity - 132g

Big Babol Tutti Frutti is a popular and flavorful chewing gum that offers a burst of mixed fruit flavors. Known for its soft and chewy texture, this gum is infused with a delightful blend of fruity tastes, creating a sweet and tangy chewing experience. The tutti frutti flavor is typically a combination of several fruit flavors, making each piece a vibrant and enjoyable treat.

Ideal for those who love fruit-flavoured gum, Big Babol Tutti Frutti is perfect for enjoying a long-lasting, flavourful chew. It's a popular choice for freshening breath with a sweet and fruity twist. The gum's playful and vibrant flavour makes it a favourite among both children and adults, offering a fun and tasty way to enjoy chewing gum.

Product of Indonesia.
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