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G FUEL - Spider-Verse Glitch Mix Black (Strawberry Guava Flavour) Zero Sugar Energy Drink - 16fl.oz (473ml)

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Dive into the dynamic world of "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" with G FUEL's Spider-Verse Strawberry Guava Mix. This vibrant blend is not just an energy booster but an invitation into the multi-dimensional universe of our beloved Spider-People. Each sip captures the exhilarating rush of swinging through New York's skyline and the tropical allure of a sun-kissed dimension.

The flavour profile itself is a heroic blend: the sweet and juicy essence of strawberries harmoniously merges with the exotic and tantalizing taste of guava. It’s a combination as unexpected and thrilling as teaming up with Spider-Heroes from different dimensions. The can's design would undoubtedly capture the essence of the movie, featuring the glitchy, colourful aesthetic that has become synonymous with the Spider-Verse saga.

Beyond just taste, G FUEL's signature energy formula ensures you're always ready for action, be it tackling daily challenges or hopping between dimensions. Much like Miles Morales discovering his powers and potential, this mix promises a burst of energy, creativity, and the confidence to face any challenge, making every consumer feel like they too can wear the mask.

Imported from the USA.
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