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Snapple Grapeade - 16fl.oz (473ml)

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Snapple Grapeade is a delightful twist on the traditional grape juice drink. Known for its "Made from the Best Stuff on Earth" slogan, Snapple has a reputation for producing quality beverages, and their Grapeade is no exception. Crafted with a blend of grape juice concentrate and other natural flavours, this drink offers a refreshing and authentic grape taste, free from the overly artificial sweetness found in some other grape-flavoured beverages.

Upon opening a bottle of Snapple Grapeade, you're immediately greeted with the fragrant aroma of ripe grapes. As you take the first sip, the full-bodied grape flavour dances on your palate, providing a sweet and slightly tart sensation that captures the essence of a freshly picked bunch of grapes. The drink is both invigorating and thirst-quenching, making it perfect for a hot day or whenever you're in need of a flavourful pick-me-up. And, as with all Snapple products, don't forget to check under the cap for one of their famous "Real Facts" – little tidbits of trivia that make enjoying a Snapple beverage all the more entertaining.

Imported from the USA.
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