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Glico Pretz Sticks Original - 31g

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Glico Pretz Sticks Original are a classic pretzel snack, known for their crisp, crunchy texture and a lightly salted flavour. These thin, pretzel sticks offer a simple yet satisfying taste that is a perfect fit for those who prefer a savoury, non-sweet snack. The Original Pretz variety is appreciated for its straightforward and unadorned pretzel flavor, making it an ideal light snack for any occasion.

Perfect for those who enjoy a classic, savoury treat, Glico Pretz Sticks Original are great for snacking on their own, accompanying a beverage, or as a complement to other snacks. Their slender, stick-like shape makes them easy to eat and convenient for sharing. The subtle saltiness and crisp texture of these pretzel sticks are both appetizing and versatile, making Glico Pretz Sticks Original a popular choice for anyone seeking a tasty, crunchy snack with the timeless appeal of traditional pretzels.

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