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Candy Pop Butterfinger Popcorn - 5.25oz (149g)

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Candy Pop Butterfinger Popcorn is a delightful fusion of classic popcorn and the iconic Butterfinger candy. This snack takes the traditional buttery, salted popcorn and drenches it in a rich, chocolaty coating, then sprinkles in crushed pieces of Butterfinger for an additional crunch and a peanut buttery twist. The result is a mouth-watering medley of flavours and textures that's sure to satisfy both sweet and savoury cravings.

Every bite of this treat offers an experience: the airy crispness of popcorn, the creamy richness of chocolate, and the distinctive Butterfinger crumble that adds both texture and a unique taste. For those who have always struggled to choose between candy and popcorn at the movies or for a late-night snack, Candy Pop offers the perfect solution by combining the two. Not only is it a fun and innovative snack, but it's also a testament to how merging two beloved treats can lead to an entirely new, and utterly delicious, snacking experience.

Imported from the USA.
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