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Rap Snacks Migos BBQ & Ranch - 2.5oz (71g)

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Introducing Rap Snacks Migos BBQ & Ranch, a flavourful snack inspired by the hip-hop sensation Migos. These chips combine the smoky goodness of BBQ with the cool creaminess of ranch for a taste that's as bold and dynamic as their music.

With Rap Snacks Migos BBQ & Ranch, you're in for a unique snacking experience. Each chip is a fusion of tangy BBQ flavour and the rich, savoury taste of ranch dressing. It's a flavour combination that mirrors the trio's signature blend of rap and style. Just like Migos' music, these chips are all about energy, creativity, and pushing boundaries. So, grab a bag of Rap Snacks Migos BBQ & Ranch, and enjoy a taste that's as unforgettable as their chart-topping hits. It's a snack that'll have you rapping along in delight!

Imported from the USA.
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