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Potabee BBQ Beef Potato Chips - 68g

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Potabee BBQ Beef Potato Chips are a flavourful snack that combines the crispy texture of potato chips with the rich, savoury taste of barbecued beef. These chips are seasoned with a blend of spices and flavours that evoke the smoky and slightly sweet essence of a barbecue, complemented by the hearty taste of beef. The result is a snack that delivers a robust BBQ beef experience in every crunchy bite.

Ideal for those who enjoy meaty, BBQ-flavoured snacks, Potabee BBQ Beef Potato Chips are great for snacking on their own, sharing at social events, or as an accompaniment to meals. The combination of the smoky barbecue flavour with the satisfying crunch of potato chips makes these a popular choice for anyone seeking a snack that's both delicious and indulgent.

Product of Indonesia.
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