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Japota Chicken Onion Potato Chips - 68g

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Japota Chicken Onion Potato Chips are a delightful snack that combines the savoury taste of chicken with the sweet, aromatic flavour of onions. These potato chips are seasoned with a blend that captures the essence of a hearty chicken and onion dish, offering a satisfying and flavourful snacking experience. The seasoning includes hints of chicken savouriness complemented by the mild, sweet taste of onions, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable flavour profile.

Ideal for those who enjoy meat-flavoured snacks with a hint of sweetness, Japota Chicken Onion Potato Chips are perfect for a fulfilling snack, whether you're on the go or relaxing at home. The combination of chicken and onion flavours on a crispy potato chip base makes these chips a popular choice for anyone seeking a snack that's both deliciously savoury and satisfyingly crisp.

Product of Indonesia.
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